Nicola de Nittis

Nicola De Nittis

I was born with an incurable disease. I need to go to the hospital regularly until the end of my life and my life expectancy is shortened. The main feature of my condition is that it destroys everything in my body and progresses on a daily basis. It affects every area of life. Nevertheless, I do not call the thalassemia a “disease”, because I was born with it and I never got ill.

The name of this disease is ß-Thalassaemia-major and the cause is a gene defect. Very many people with this condition can not work, due to the complications which comes along with this kind of disease.

In my profession, the human being is in the foreground. To me, being human means living with passion. And my passion are people. Challenges in life make a person to a personality. Never give up, find your way and keep your goals in your focus. That way, you will grow continuously. The only thing you need for that is something you already have in your heart: courage.




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