The world is changing. You change yourself. Whether you like it or not.

Germany. Surveys and studies show how our society is changing more and more. Take one of these analyzes and take a closer look. The value index 2018 from the market research institute Kantar TNS is one of these analyzes. It is not based on a survey, but evaluations of millions of Internet posts. Social media platforms, such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, as well as blog articles, were the basis for the Index 2018, which was created from 2016 until the end of 2017. Related to the core topic of values, a “picture” or a pattern emerged that can be observed in German-speaking social media: Your values are changing.

The significance of this observation, called value index 2018, is given because about 80% of all over 14-year-old Internet users in Germany are.

The natural in us

In the first place and more importantly, nature and everything natural. Environmental changes and climate protection are important to you, are important to us. A clear message that is becoming increasingly clear on the Internet. Why? Well, the most important reason for this is the digital transformation. For many, a shock even if you can use it very meaningfully. Artificial intelligence, robots, self-driving cars, holograms, virtual worlds, genetic interventions, and much more, we feel increasingly removed from the natural, everything becomes more artificial. An effect of the whole: the human being is more and more yearning for the natural, because that is exactly what our origin is. In the future, it will always be more important, as promised. Alone in order to have a counterbalance and thus to create a balance, between the natural existence and the unknown future.

Better safe than sorry

Values ​​change. That’s for sure. The value of security is also becoming more important. Significantly, because only a few years ago, the value of security came to the last rank of the value index. So it was the least important. The world events have changed this, in addition to the “weird change”, aka digital transformation. All this adds up and “lands” above all in our subconscious.

Success. What is that exactly?

The value that had the biggest “crash” in the ranking is success. Success is not so important anymore. But, what is success exactly? In this case it is easy to describe, success is equal to money. Because success means professional success here. And how do most people measure professional success? I agree! Monetary.

How is this called? I agree! Wrong focus. Especially in Germany, people have “set” for too long on the wrong side, had a focus that referred to the material. The result: strongly increasing mental illnesses. How come? Quite simply: everything that does not really make us happy can make our soul sick in the long run. And now the question: Does money really make you happy? We do not need to write an answer here, because your soul will answer for you …

But what is success then? What makes us happy? Well, that’s actually not hard to answer: it’s giving. Try it. No matter whether you have employees, colleagues or, generally speaking, fellow human beings before you, if you pass on to these people something that is good for them, then we speak of what makes happy: love.

I know that here in Germany we have a hard time talking about love in a professional context. In America, an “I love you guys” sounds different than in German. But it stays that way. If you give – finally – something to your fellow humans, that makes them happier, it will make you happy. Because then you are just that, selfless. You dare. I know that it takes courage to be unselfish. But if you trust yourself and your elemental power in yourself, then we speak here of the feeling that we often do not respect in this world: love.

Der Trend unserer Werte

Seit 2009 wird der Werte-Index erstellt. 2009, 2012, 2014, 2016 und 2018 wurde eine jeweilige Momentaufnahme erstellt. Am Verlauf kann man sehr gut erkennen, wie sich Werte verändern. Der Trend zeigt, dass der Wert Gesundheit immer schon wichtig war und das Familie wieder wichtiger wird. Dagegen ist Anerkennung und Gerechtigkeit nicht so wichtig. Nachvollziehbar, denn mittlerweile kann fast jeder Mensch digitale Anerkennung bekommen. Wir ver-liken uns ja so gerne. Gerechtigkeit ist immer noch wichtig, gehört schließlich zu den Top 10, aber wir streben nicht danach, denn auch hier gilt: das Internet hilft Dir, Dich bemerkbar zu machen und Ungerechtigkeiten öffentlich zu machen, siehe #MeToo.


Everything changes, including our values. Values change sometimes more, sometimes less. If we dare to listen more deeply into ourselves, we recognize the real in us. The true values that are really important to us. One single question is enough: What really counts, if you do not need all material anymore?

BeBrave – and live your values