be brave!

This is the answer to all questions.


I was born with a gene defect. This gene defect causes a rare disease, which is progressive. There is no cure. Yes, we need to fight quite a lot in this world. With or without a disease. So, we try to use our inner strength to cope the challenges of our life.

In my life, I was forced to hide my disease during my entire professional career in IT industry … for 20 years. At the very beginning I didn’t try to hide my disease, that wasn’t good. I didn’t get any job, no matter how good I covered their needs. I learned my most important lesson at that time: you shouldn’t tell in IT industry that you have a disease, any kind of disease. But there is a problem … if you know that you should be brave, then you never give up. You don’t give up to tell them that you have – indeed – an identity, which is worth to be accepted. I know that there are a lot of identities out there, which were suppressed. I know many of them personally, around the globe, because they have the same gene defect like I have.

So, during the past 20 years I tried several times to free my real identity. No chance. Every time I tried to be honest, I got attacked or even fired. My disease is progressive. Means, it will not get any better, but worse. So, the main reason for the companies, to get rid of me, was fear. The opposite of courage. The companies were afraid that I would be that sick, that I couldn’t do my job anymore. Actually, I did, for 20 years. Thanks to my lesson! Which lesson? So, after I realized how I could have a successfull career, I did it: I started to hide my real identity.

You can try it, even for 20 years, but everything which you can call “real”, will win. So, on June 6th, 2017, I learned another lesson. I woke up and couldn’t hear anything … at all. Acute hear loss.


Acute hear loss.Suddenly my hearing was gone. Almost completely.Resilience was asked – the inner strength. Everyone…

Posted by Nicola De Nittis on Mittwoch, 21. Juni 2017


You can’t hide your real identity forever. So, I left my job in IT industry. Lesson learned. My gene defect was the reason for my double life. One as an IT specialist and one as a patient. But the reason to unleash my chains was my gene_effect. It was deep, very deep, in my heart and everybody else has it too, because it’s written in our genes. Believe me.


So, if you ask yourself, what this Blog is about and what it tells to you, then the answer is simple: