2017 ends. 2018 begins. In between, you realize all the changes that directly affected you. Changes that have taken place in 2017, changes that – possibly – are due in 2018. Oh, right? Changes will come. Also yours. Do not worry, it does not hurt, and if – so what? If you read this, it means that you mastered all of your changes. Oh, you still have some in front of you? Yeah, of course, 2018 is coming! There are changes, whether you like it or not. Because everything changes, always. Only one thing not, the appearance of the change itself, you will always meet them again and again. Whether privately, professionally or physically, the change keeps coming back to remind you of something … your courage. Only with your courage the change become your change.

You courageously “draw” your path of life, also in 2018.


Draw your path of life


#BeBrave – and be aware of your self-efficacy


Self-effecacy means that you – and only you – decide what your life path looks like. You decide how you want to realize yourself professionally. You decide how you are treated – professionally and privately. You decide when to boldly say “no” and when you do what is – really – yours!

I already know what “yours” is – your courage. Don’t tell me you do not have it or that you are not brave enough. Your heart is full of bravery. Sometimes we only need a reason to set it free.

It’s in your genes. It’s in my genes. Irreversible. Like my genetic defect.

  • All my life, I had to prepare a medicine for hours every night
  • All my life I had to “put” a needle in my arms so that the infusion brought the drug into my body all night long – every night
  • All my life, I had to take additional medication – over 10,000 a year, every year
  • Throughout my life, I have had blood transfusions several times a month – sometimes with severe consequences

… all that (and much more), just because of my genetic defect. These are the effects of my genetic defect. Also in 2018 they will be there. But the most important effect of all this is my gene_effect. The reaction to the whole Sh**t.

Because you can say “that all paralyzes me” or “now, even more so”. You alone decide! It’s your decision. As it is mine. Every day. But the most important decision of all is: do I want to be brave? Now guess what – THE ONLY – answer to this question is? YES! Because reasons to be brave have already existed in the past and will continue to come up in the future …

Come on reasons! Come 2018! I am ready …




In 2018 we will continue to “draw the picture”. By the way, my picture … shines bright and colorful: I am a Speaker for more than 25 years now, a computer scientist for more than 20 years, … Coach, Resilience Trainer, Founder, Entrepreneur … and much more … I am Nicola De Nittis. .. I am a “painter” … despite the prognosis “not to get older than 20 years old”. Eat that, Mr. Forecast!


In 2018 we will talk again. We, you and me, will be more courageous. Braver than today. More courageous than ever before. Because nothing can stop you from living your life at 100%. Your time is invaluable. Very quickly, a lot can change, so much that you suddenly end up in a new life. One that has been waiting for you. Something is always waiting for you. But it does not wait forever. Get up and get it! 2018 is yours!





2018 is your’s


I wish you all the best for 2018, with a lot of joy, happiness, health and bravery!