Let’s be brave!

Tomorrow I am going to be in the hospital. I will be there to get a blood transfusion. Again. Until the end of my life I need to be brave and face this iterative “challenge”. We all have to face challenges in our life. Some of these challenges may force you to suffer. Some of these challenges scares you. Some of these challenges may creates such a fear in your heart, that you can’t describe. It doesn’t matter if you experience these feelings in a more or less intense way. Because … that’s life. It’s made of challenges. Little and huge challenges.



My life was made of challenges. Once I realized that I will not have a “normal” life (whatever a “normal life” is), I started to accept a “special” life. On one hand, I lived a so called normal life, with a normal job as an IT specialist. On the other hand, I was a patient and patient advocate, working “undercover” as a patient advocate first (and later as a Consultant and Coach) in Health Care. “Undercover” means, that the world where I lived a normal life, didn’t know at all that I had another life. The secret one. The one where I came to, because of my gene defect. Every time I tried to combine these two worlds, I got severe issues with my employer, because in IT industry it’s not – let my say – very welcome to have any kind of disease … especially not a disease which is progressive, because the employer expects that suddenly I could become invalid, or something like that … not being able  anymore to make profit for them … but still get paid … yes, in Germany the employer has to pay in this case … so, now you can understand why I would have been a persona non grata, if I had said that I have a progressive disease. That’s why I lived a double life.


Two Worlds

During this time, I got in touch with many different topics, due to my “two worlds” where I had two lives. One of these topics is, of course, Genetics. I was born with a genetic defect. In consequence, everything connected to Health Care was also “mine”, like Resilience, the inner strength, which we need to cope challenges. And when we are talking about something which comes from the “inner” of a human, then we need to talk also about MotivationHappinessEmotionsPsychologyScience and Meaning of Life. Out from my life as an IT specialist (which I am … still  ) I do need to add some more topics, like the Digital World, but also Achievements and Leadership, because achieving goals and leading yourself, or other people, is also part of our life. This Blog is about all these topics, because it’s life. It’s part of my life, it’s part of your life. Maybe not every topic at any time, but at any time at least one of those. Anyways, the most important is that we (quite often) need to be brave.

Sometimes people ask me why I am still interested in many topics and why I am involved in many startups. First of all, it gives you flexibility in the way of looking at things. If you know more colors you can depict a more colorful picture of your life. You can, but it’s not guaranteed that your picture will be colorful. Before that, you need to be brave enough to use all your colors. Second, sometimes you start to get in touch with somebody or you dig into a topic of your interest and then suddenly you get a completely and unexpected result, like a new finding or your next (life / business) partner. You simply never know what can happen after you started to get in touch with a topic or other people. But the most important reason to me was always to find answers to questions where we apparently don’t have any answer.


Questions with no answer

How world will change? How are you going to change? Which role are you going to have in the future? What challenges and fears will I face? To ask this kind of questions or to face unknown challenges we need to be brave!


To be brave is the opposite of having fear


If we say that fear is the strongest negative power, then we know what’s the strongest power … somebody who is brave. You can be brave, if you simply start to say that you are brave.


What’s your challenge and how do you cope it? Tell me and leave a comment!