#BeBrave to ask for a job which makes you – really – happy!

To make you happy in your job, we do not call it your “job”. Let’s say “creation”. Because you create something, no matter if it’s order, clarity, products, profit, health, joy, or whatever. The most important creation should take place in yourself. Happiness. Without ifs and buts!

It may be that times have changed. I do not care. It always does. The fact is, we humans interact so much with computers (and soon robots), but nevertheless, we are nothing without the interaction with real humans. Humans needs humans needs humanity.

That is exactly how we should deal with each other: as humans.
Don’t we work together with humans? No! Most of the people out there are insecure, they are NOT strong. That’s why they tend to be someone who they think they should be. They just want to show in front of their employees – and familiy member, and friends, etc. – how strong they are, but they are not. They start to be artificial. They are not “real” and one can feel this. Because we are talking about humans here, right? So, if you have somebody in front of you, which gives you the feeling that he is not real, then you know immediately that this guy is selling products, is making business, has maybe great communication skills (as they need to manipulate, sorry, to lead other people), but he is not interested in humanity. Humanity is crucial, also in the Business World, and I am not alone with this opinion.


Richard Branson, an investor, philanthropist and founder of the Virgin Group, said “Clients do not come first. Employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of the clients”. That’s exactly the way of thinking which I still miss out there. Companies need to change. Leadership needs to change – if they want to be competitive also in the future. To adapt on a new situation – this is called resilience.

The new situation is coming along with the global change nowadays. Digital Transformation, AI, Robots, Generation Y, Generation Z, Genetics – this are just a few topics where a lot of change comes along.

However, the most important factor of those is YOU, because more and more people in business belongs to either Generation Y or Generation Z. People who belong to these Generations ARE different. My teams are composed of teammates which belongs to these kinds of Generations and … they are BETTER than the older Generations, because they are more resilient (they are able to adapt better on changes). “Better”, in many ways, but the most important one is: humanity.

The new Generations know how to treat each other. The most of the companies out there, with mainly older Generations in Leadership positions, still didn’t get the point. You can see all over the world job descriptions with fantastic arguments why you should join a company, but all the arguments are just written on paper. Once you join the company, sooner or later, you will get that all these arguments, pushed up with fancy terms, are un-lived. So, not true. Not real.

Several studies confirmed all this already. One in three (German) employees would not recommend their employer at the moment. We are talking about Germany! Think about that.



BeReal! That’s the point! Means, that you can easily check if you are happy in your current job.

How to check if you are happy in your job

  1. Listen to your heart – it should tell you your most important values (and if your employer addresses this)
  2. Listen to your gut feeling – it should tell you “yes, this guy is real” (and that he is not just saying – but also acting)
  3. Listen to your feeling in the evening, when you come back from your job, and in the morning, before you go to your workplace. What does it tell you? A happy smile 🙂 or a unhappy smile 🙁 ?

#BeBrave to CHANGE if you are not happy in your job – because time is life, don’t waste it